Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Militech Hellhound

I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute to and lead the Vehicle Team for the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty!

My task was to create a model based on a unique concept designed by Sebastian Nowak, adapting it in terms of technical, technological, and mechanical aspects to the conditions of the real world. This involved designing intricate mechanisms for the trunk, doors opening, suspension, and an engine carefully engineered in accordance with principles consistent with mechanics, while also infusing it with a cyberpunk aesthetic.
I also (to avoid getting into too much detail) handled unwrapping, texturing and implementation of the vehicle into the game.
I created versions for the player as well as preventive vehicles - NCPD and Max-Tac.

Militech may not be your first or second choice when it comes to car makers, but their armored vehicles are unparalleled. The Hellhound has been spiked with the corp's state-of-the-art technology like a needle-ridden voodoo doll. Getting inside this SUV feels like being inside an AV - getting out, too, as the side-sliding doors let you feel like you're exiting an AV mid-flight. A real military kick comes from the Hellhound's two gun ports, with the option of mounting a full-size turret or a missile launcher. The armored body is just the icing on the cake of a truly indestructible chassis, which dissipates explosive energy in the event of driving over a mine, and six impenetrable tires. The Hellhound's windshields are bulletproof armor-plated with screens affixed on the inside – the latest in CrystalDome technology. Your enemy never knows how many people are inside, whereas you can see the outside clear as day. When descending into the pits of hell, this beast truly is man's best friend.

Art director -
Concept art - Sebastian Nowak
Drive Model - Séamus Epp
Lighting - Bartosz Czechowski
Rigging - Maciej Ciesielski
Interior UI - Daria Grzybowska
VFX - Paweł Kwiatek
Gameplay Animations - Krystian Warszawski
Luigi Annicchiarico
Aleksandra Adamska